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We, at MaxOut Engineering Services manufactured quality of products that conform to contractual specifications in line with customer requirements. Working from the highly detailed drawings from steel drafters and detailers, the fabricator’s job is essentially to bring those plans to life, which requires an extensive knowledge of the properties of steel and an extremely keen eye for detail. Not only do those materials need to be made with absolute precision so that they are ready to install, they also must arrive on site in the order that they are needed.

MaxOut Engineering Services is well equipped manufacturing set-up with all necessary in-house steps


Steel sections are easier to work with when they are cut to length prior to fabrication and this can be done in a number of ways, such as by using circular saws, flame cutting or plasma cutting techniques.


Many modern structures incorporate beautifully curved steel elements that require the fabricator to utilize various rolling and bending techniques. For example, steel can be passed through a set of bending rolls numerous times until the right level of curve has been established.


Steel fabrication involves a whole lot of welding, for instance it is used to attach fixtures and fittings as well as to prepare connections for installation on site. Welding uses high heat to melt the parent material along with whatever is being attached to it, so that as the weld pool solidifies the two materials are fused together.


Coatings are applied to steel for both practical and aesthetic purposes and are most commonly applied towards the end of the fabrication process. High-tech coatings can protect the steel against corrosion as well as fire and they are also used to provide a custom look when requested by the architect